• Yoshika Lowe

Cone Cup Piñata*

Make a piñata to celebrate Posadas. Posadas is celebrated in Mexico for nine nights leading up to Christmas Eve--Noche Buena (Holy Night). The festivities go from December 16th-24th. The feast commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Each evening ends with a piñata filled with treats for the children.


Paper cone cups (like the ones used for water dispensers or sno cones)

Brightly colored paints.

Pipe cleaners or ribbon

Crepe or tissue paper

Glitter (optional)

Buttons (optional)

Glue (or hot glue gun and glue sticks)


Goodies to put inside. (or leave the pinata empty and pretend)

Take two white paper cone cups and cut off the tips. For the top cone: loop a piece of ribbon over and tie a knot with the ends. Push through the hole. For the bottom cone: knot two ribbons together and push the loose ends through the hole. If using pipe cleaners instead of ribbon, insert the ends of a pipe cleaner through the pointed end of one of the cups.Spread the ends of the pipe cleaner inside the cup and leave enough on the outside. This will be the hanger.

Place the rims of the cups together. Either glue or hot glue the lips together. Decorate the piñata with your choice of paint, tissue paper, glitter and buttons.

Not sure how to decorate your piñata? Search online for pictures piñata for inspiration.

* For more ideas for making mini-piñatas see these boards on pinterest.

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