• Yoshika Lowe

Pocket Advent Calendar*

Part of the preparations for Christmas in Norway is making your own decorations. It is tradition in many communities around Norway to have Christmas workshops. It is a time where family and friends get together for a night (sometimes one night each week leading up to Christmas) to make gift cards, tree hangers and table ornaments. Someone will put on a big pot of gløgg, fill some plates with Christmas goodies, get out the glue, scissors and anything they can get their hands on to make things for Christmas. Advent calendars are a very popular part of the Christmas celebration.

Why not make your own pocket Advent calendar for next year's Advent celebration?


24 pocket canvas or plastic/nylon shoe organizer (dollar store or most retail stores)

Felt numbers in your choice of colors

glue gun and glue sticks

Red Rit dye (optional)

If using a canvas shoe organizer, dye it red and glue white or green numbers to each pocket. Follow the directions on the Rit dye package for dying the organizer. If an easier methos id preferred, buy a colored shoe organizer, and hot glue a felt number to each pocket.

Hang the Advent calendar in a prominent place, then fill each pocket with goodies, toys, and sweet messages. Remember, to have children begin by choosing from day 24 and work their way towards 1, thus emptying the last pocket on Christmas Eve!

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