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African Print Fabric Bracelets

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

An essential part of African life is handcrafted African jewelry. Africa is where people first created and wore jewelry. There have been beads found in Kenya dating back thousands of years. Not only is jewelry used for adornment, but also as a cultural expression. African jewelry is worn to express one's wealth, marital status, place of origin, tribe and social status. It is also worn for special occasions, such as weddings, holiday celebrations and festivals.

Jewelry is made from organic materials and materials that are readily available in the area. African craftsmen commonly use ivory, bone, sea shells, carved stone, animal teeth, animal hair, egg shell, amber, glass and wood.

African handmade beadwork is famous for its artistry and intricate beauty. The beads are often referred to as trade beads, as they were used as currency for centuries. There is a wide variety of handmade African bracelets (and other jewelry) available online. Do a search for Ghanaian Beads, Krobo Beads or Trade Beads for some beautiful buying options.

Man washing and polishing Ghanaian beads by hand
Polishing Ghanaian Beads by Hand

For an easy African jewelry craft you can make at home, try making African print fabric bracelets. Here are two different tutorials on how to make your own bracelets (which also make lovely anklets):

DIY African Print Bracelets


African Print Fabric

Leather cording

Scissors / rotary cutter


Bobby pin

Fabric glue (optional)


How to DIY Ankara African Print Rope Bangles


Ankara Fabric

Cotton cording


Tape measure or ruler

Needle and thread

Fabric glue

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