• Yoshika Lowe

Create A Presents Advent Calendar

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Throughout Scandinavia, and most of Europe, Advent Calendars are a common Christian tradition. All Danish children get one or more Advent calendars, also called Christmas calendars (julekalender). Some children even get a presents calendar. This kind of Advent calendar is often made out of paper or fabric bags tied to a string or twine attached to the wall. Each of the 24 bags contains a gift and is numbered for each of the days of Advent.

It's easy to begin this tradition with your family. Below are two different types of bag Advent calendars to choose from.

Paper bag Advent Calendar

What you will need:

24 bags: paper lunch bags (brown or white)

String or baker's twine

Clothes pins

Markers, glitter pens, fabric paint pens

Construction paper

Glue sticks

Hot glue gun and glue

Felt in desired colors

2" Stars template (search for free download online)

2" Numbers template (search for free download), optional

  • Make holiday shapes out of construction paper of your choice ( be creative!) and decorate with pens, glitter pens. Glue shapes onto all 24 bags.

  • Using star template trace and cut out felt stars. If desired cut out numbers in a different color felt or use fabric pen to write numbers 1- 24 on the stars

  • Hot glue numbers to stars if using felt numbers

  • Hot glue stars to clothes pins on one side

  • Fill each bag with small toys, candy, treats, love notes and/or stickers

  • Clip each bag to the twine with the clothespins. This may be easier to do while laid out on the floor before hanging.

  • Hang the calendar on a wall and open one each day until Christmas!

Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar

24 small bags: muslin drawstring bags, or fabric drawstring bags (craft or hobby stores)

String or baker's twine

Small branch or dowel (about 2 feet long), optional

Colorful thin ribbon

Glitter pens or fabric paint pens

  • Use glitter pen or fabric paint pen to write the numbers 1- 24 on the drawstring bags

  • Fill each bag with small toys, candy, treats, love notes and/or stickers

  • Pull the drawstring closed, and tie the neck of each bag onto the twine with ribbon

  • Alternatively, many Scandinavians like to hang the gifts from a small branch for a more natural look (a dowel can also be used).

  • If using a branch or dowel, tie a long piece of twine to each end of the branch/dowel and hang on the wall.

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